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I think the demo does a great job of catching most of the feel of the original Fate of Atlantis.  I have a few nitpicks, but keep in mind that's all they really are...nitpicks.  On the whole, this thing seems solid and I really can't wait to see a finished product.

There were a few instances, reading the board posts in the classrooms for instance, where the dialogue sort of takes over the entire screen.  There's just so much text that you kind of start swimming in it.  Maybe breaking it down into smaller bites would feel better.

Also, I love the references to other Indy movies/games/Lucasarts games, but I thought there were perhaps a few too many.  Maybe save a few for later in the game when you're not really expecting it.

On the plus side, the environments looked great! And some of the dialogue really had me chuckling.  The, "We've been suspended from the team/ Maybe now we'll win a few games" line was great.  Also, I loved how there were multiple options to the, "YOU RATTED US OUT!" dialogue tree.  The fact that there were so many possible responses really told me a lot about the two buffoons I was talking to, and honestly it seemed like the most genuine moment in the demo.  It really could have come right out of FoA.  It's humor where you don't expect it.  Well done.

Keep it up!

Glad you liked the demo. No problem with nitpicking either - as suggestions will help to make the game better.  :hat:


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