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The New Adventures of Alfredo


Binary Legends Presents…
The New Adventures of Alfredo!

A Binary Legends Retro Release for the Commodore 64!

Alfredo the lovable stickman was once the star of the Big Blue Disk, Softdisk and Loadstar disk magazines in the 80’s. The Alfredo adventures were non-interactive computer “cartoons”. Today they would be called demos, but the term was not in use at the time.

Now in 2010, Alfredo returns in two new Alfredo adventures/cartoons that I created. Back when I did work for Loadstar, I made these two Alfredo’s for Loadstar. Both were published on Loadstar in 2000. Since Loadstar ceased putting out new issues in 2008, I decided to update them and release them for the web.

Download D64 image:

The disk contains the Return of Alfredo, and Alfredo’s Perilous Pitfall.

The Return of Alfredo Title Screen

The Return of Alfredo

Alfredo's Perilous Pitfall

This release is freeware.

In order to run The New Adventures of Alfredo, you will need to use a Commodore 64 emulator. I recommend VICE.

Get VICE here:

Haha, I tried it and what can I say... poor Alfredo  :D

It's one of my better C64 project I think.  :)

I could have made the graphics better, but I wanted to copy the style of the original Alfredo's, so I kept the simple graphics that they had.


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