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Fate of Atlantis Special Edition - Demo Released

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A demo has been released for the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition project.

Download it and check it out:

After I picked up the statue in the locker, the screen zoomed up really close to the locker and stayed there - pressing ESC fixed this for me.

I tried the "stones" demo. Didn't understand any of the riddles. Was only annoyed by the obnoxious voice and interface.


I am pasting the part of the interview that refers to the problems of a fan made project. Do you find any similarities ? ? ? ?       ::)


What are the challenges and the restrictions of doing a “fan project”? You have mentioned

the financial pressure, and obviously the need of working on the project in your spare time. Is

there anything else you can think of that has happened along the way, and wouldn't have if this

was an official release?


Working on unofficial fan project brings lots problems and challenges. Basically, you need to

be a huge fan of this project and be prepared to sacrifice lots of time. You have to prepare

yourself mentally to do it right and keep consistency.

Lots of people like talk a lot, but they work just a little. They like the hype to work on

something new and exciting, but when the projects starts and you are expecting results,

suddenly the person has nothing to show.

Other problem is that people come and go. You cannot expect anybody to work on your

project for free for many years. There are some exceptions that keep working till end of the

breath, but in most cases, people will do some work and then leave in the middle of the


The biggest problems were with coders/scripters, which I don’t understand much about. They

work on the project for 6 months, delivering great results, making good progress on the game,

and then suddenly decided to leave, abandoning all their work without regrets. And the rest of

the team who has worked equally as hard, has to stop and wait for another person to pick up

the reins.

So, if you don’t have any financial support, you should always be prepared for the worst! :-)

In the beginning of this project, we never had plans to make it an official release. This was

supposed to be an unofficial fan-based project, made by hardcore fans for the fun and

enjoyment of it.

Hello Rolling Stone magazine, We're an Indie dev team too, go interview us :D

Make sure it doesn't interfere with the schedule of the BBC interview.  :D


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