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Alfredo's Crushing Curiosity


Commodore 64

For those not familiar with Alfredo - he is a stick figure that was the star of little animation "demos" on Softdisk, Big Blue and Loadstar disk magazines back in the 1980's. Four of Alfredo's adventures were converted from the Apple II originals for the C64 for Loadstar back in the day, but the majority of his adventures never saw the light of day for the C64. Thanks to the web and emulators, I have access to the Apple II original and also the IBM DOS port of Alfredo's Crushing Curiosity and decided to port this animation to the C64! This is coded in Basic but also uses two ML modules: Sidplayer by Craig Chamberlain for the music - and JoySprite by Dave Moorman for a lot of the sprite animation / movement. Special thanks to Robin Harbron (MacBeth) for patching / fixing JoySprite to remove some IRQ related bugs!

Download .d64 image here:


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