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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE from the Team Binary Legends!

With this let me drop a small announcement, we are indeed working on a short sideproject/demo/christmasgame/demo2.0 thing. We created lots of animations, characters, backgrounds and music that we can use for the full game, so when this little game is release you know what quality to expect from a full 7 Cities of Gold game.

Tremulas said 10th of January will be the release. I say, this is the aimed release date and won't settle on any date with the small game initally planned as a christmas game in 2018. I just hope we keep our steam and release something this month... HAPPY 2019, get busy! ;D :hat:

Happy new year Selmiak and all!

Also, yes, there will be a short game! ;) I'm working full speed on it, my girlfriend would hate me if she didn't love me! :D

Happy new adventureous year everybody !

Tycho Magnetic Anomaly:
Hi folks, just signed up yesterday, didn't see an introduction area so thought to say Hi while also wishing you all a happy new year too!

FOA was/is my all time fave ever adventure, so this project holds a lot of nostalgia for me, its looking great so far.

I wish the project every success!

hi TMA, glad you made it here :D

Is there any chance you want to even help us get this success?


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