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Interested in helping to translate the demo into another language other than English?

#1 - Please download this file:

#2 - The file can be edited in Notepad and instructions for how to format it are in the file itself

#3 - Please sign up for our forum and post your results here (and any translation questions)

Thanks!  :hat:

I started a translation into German language (native speaker) but this will take some time. If anyone else is interested, please let me know. I will check if it is possible to create a google sheet so multiple people can edit the document at the same time. This will require a google account.

I use "////" in the translation line (appended to the end of the line) when I am not sure about the translation or have comments about the translation, as sometimes you cannot simply translate 1:1 but have to use local slang to make it feel natural. This should make it easier to find these parts simply by searching for "////"


--- Quote from: AmigaMaster on January 06, 2020, 02:05:45 am ---I use "////" in the translation line (appended to the end of the line) when I have comments

--- End quote ---

Great marker system.
If you have started then please provide the URL to the Google document and we can help with the lines where you added comments.
Please refrain from translating any line that seems technical; There's no point in translating error messages for example.
Also keep in mind that you should never remove anything like %s %d etc.

Thank you.

I am still sitting in front of the text file, currently at line 1820. Yes, I already skipped all technical text.

I encountered one problem when translating inventory action texts. In German, you have three different articles, depending on the grammatical gender of the object (der, die das) - in English, it always is neutral 'the' - so if I do not know to which inventory object a sentence applies to, I cannot translate it with correct grammar.

As soon as I am finished or stop working on it I will upload it here and will have a look at google doc if it is working as I assume (I never tested this, it was only an idea). In any case I will update this thread.

Phew, I need a break.

I saved the document at
You can copy column 'A' from the goggle docs sheet into your text editor and save this as a TRS file.

I use some conditional formatting to make things easier to read and edit:
- Empty Lines are marked GREY
- Lines with comments are marked ORANGE

NOTE: The current setting is, that anyone with access to the link above can completely edit the table.

NOTE: Do not use the Google docs link above, it will break the file!

If you want to check or contribute, you can either use (always up-to-date) or download the file attached here in this post (updates less frequent).

I am working with the online version. As a backup copy, I will attach the file with it's current status here periodically. File name is [Language]_[translated up to which line]_[YYYYMMDD].trs

Current status (24.01.2020, 19:57 GMT):
Language: German
Status: Final, feedback is welcome

- Feedback from other testers

LAST EDIT: 24.01.2020, 02:08 GMT
2020-01-24, 19:57 GMT
- Updated two lines after input from jeancallisti

2020-01-12, 02:09 GMT
- Updated two translations to respect their origin movies and TV series

2020-01-11, 15:23 GMT
- Shortened Bonus Game text to fit in one line

2020-01-11, 05:43 GMT
- Spell checked the translation
- Credits reworked to fit on screen
- Fixed even more typos
- Reworked another dozen translations (everytime I look at it,  I find something I can do better ;) )
- Attached is the compiled translation file (GER.tra) - copy to your installation directory and start winsetup.exe and select the game language GER. NOTE: This is a first draft. The game requires an update to fully support the translation. Don't blame the developers for wrong rendered characters. But you can blame me for lame translations. Input is very welcome.
- DO NOT USE THE GOOGLE DOCS DOCUMENT as a template - always use the attachment here!


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