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Contact to the Fountain of Youth team for non-facebookers

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Nowhere Girl:
To be honest, this is why I registered here, but I'll also be happy to keep visiting and asking for screenshots. ;) Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone could help me contact the "Fountain of Youth" team. I'm a passive-only social media user - that is, I read profiles (mostly politics and game news), but I don't have any accounts. I hate being forced to do something and... perhaps it's no longer the case, but a few years back people would react: "You don't have a Facebook account?? ?? ?? ?? :o :o :o :o :o". Or, even, ideas that not having a Facebook account is a sign of sociopathy... Argh. Anyway, I also always enjoy Not Doing Things Most People Do (one of the reasons why I drink no alcohol) And Doing Things Most People Don't (one of the reasons why I'm proud to be addicted to Literature) and this is another reason why I'm so opposed to creating a Facebook account. Anyway, nowadays it's hard, good old e-mail contact is often not shared on websites... Therefore, please - I'm sure you have some contact, could someone plase help me contact them?

PS. More captcha, even after registering?? >:( And it's come to the point that many captchas are hard to read for humans...

I don't have FB either, so you're not alone. :)

can't help with contacting them, though, sorry.

I don't have any email, I've always contacted them using one of the following channels : 1) AGS forums, 2) Facebook, 3) Twitter.
Misja Van Laatum is the most active member in their team, but he has a busy life so he'll not answer to chit chat, only to productive messages.

hey, I have no facebook too! We should start a facebook group for that... no wait... just stay here ;) :hat:



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