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Tonight : live stream on Twitch

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Hi all!
Tonight I'll do a live stream on Twitch. Not to talk about the game but instead just to draw a little Indy animation needed for the game. Nothing fancy. Just me with Photoshop for about an hour.

3rd June 2020
UTC time : 7pm
Paris/Berlin time : 9pm
Athens time : 10pm
New york time : 3pm

OK it was a complete failure because of an incompatibility between Photoshop and OBS :
I've fixed it now so I'll try again tomorrow.

Streaing again right now :

Oh come on, send a pm , I've missed it :(

It was just some photoshopping -- no PR operation, no discussion on the project.
It was pretty boring to be honest lol.

This was the result :


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