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Adventure Games / Re: Adventure Game Longplays
« Last post by selmiak on Yesterday at 01:44:04 AM »
Some more months have passed and some more Adventure game longplays have been recorded

Educating Adventures of Girl & Rabbit

You play the innocent girl in a bright and fantastic world that meets the bitter and sarcastic rabbit called bunny the rabbit. She wants to call him rainbow but he smacks her for it. Prepare for lots of smacking until your learn your lessons about life one way or the other. No aspect of modern dysfunctional life is left out and no eye stays dry with all this upfront mayhem! A really educational game! Enjoy!

Sisyphus Reborn
Sisyphus Reborn takes you on a journey to a surreal lone land where everyone is digging and noone questions the endless uselessness of being and digging. You enter the voids of this vast land and try to make sense of all the nicely woven in philosophical concepts and ideas.


If you haven't played this, play it now, don't get spoiled by the video!
The 2 playable characters could interacts more or solve some tricky puzzle together but the chracter switch works and you should play both characters immediately, go play that game!

Also I started longplaying
follow the progress of this when I upload another part of the longplay...
this not your usual pnc adventure but it is filled with great puzzles
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by jeancallisti on November 30, 2017, 07:03:12 PM »
Backwards and forewards should suffice.

OK. Yes, indeed, if we're clever about it that should suffice.
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by selmiak on November 25, 2017, 07:06:24 PM »
what do you mean with pseude 3D? How would that help? Backwards and forewards should suffice. in most beat em ups you can jump over the enemy but that would be too much and pull me out of the illusion of playing an indy game imho.

cool down? Like charging your punch?

I like the rpg like skill managament. yeah, you see your XP after each fight and in case you unlocked something you can set it right there and get a notification and a button that links to the skill tree menu gui.

Dirty tricks are also cool. biting could be another one. And we can influence the grinding time by only bringing the enemies that have tricksthe player hasn't unlocked yet.

we are making an indy fan game too, we can also use a barnet sparring box ring... :P
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by jeancallisti on November 24, 2017, 02:31:34 PM »
Let's use technical terms, to avoid confusing ourselves :

- I like the idea of boss patterns very much (except for the fact that it forces us to make the fighting area pseudo-3D, if there's a "chase")
- I like the idea of the cool down mechanics too.
- I don't like the idea of RPG-Indy and XP-based upgrade trees so much. I find it awkward as it is presented here. When would you buy your new abilities? There would be a shop-like popup window appearing after each fight?
Alternative : Indy learns some "dirty tricks" by witnessing them from oponents (e.g. "sand in the eyes"). He needs to know them all to win some fights. Which brings us back to the simple "sword fight grinding system" of SoMI, but with a tactical aspect (use the trick at the right time).

PS: One of the backgrounds of Fountain of Youth shows that they've recycled the idea of Indy being able to practice fights in Barnett on the boxing ring (built-in tutorial). Dammit, that was just perfect, we should have thought about it.

Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by Tremulas on November 08, 2017, 08:11:21 AM »
I also like it and I am about to comment it once I find some spare time BUT implementing all the time new ideas and puzzles and scenario at the end of 2017 requires a lot of people to pass them into the game and we have a serious lack of hands. I do not want to  grouse all the time but instead of finding more people to help, we become less and less.

Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by selmiak on November 07, 2017, 09:07:57 PM »
I like this idea, any thoughts on it?
Adventure Games / Re: Adventure Game Longplays
« Last post by doctorfargo on November 05, 2017, 12:09:13 AM »
yeah my 4 cores also sometimes stutter while recording. Could also be because of bad coding within AGS...

I think a good video card helps when it comes to recording?

Otherwise, you might need one of those new I9 processors.  :D
Retro Releases / Alfredo's Perilous Pitfall (AMIGA VERSION)
« Last post by doctorfargo on November 05, 2017, 12:03:30 AM »

Download the ADF image:

For those of you not familiar with Alfredo - he is a stick figure that was the star of little animation "demos" on the Softdisk Publishing line of disk magazines back in the 1980's.

Alfredo originally debuted in Alfredo’s Lost Cause by Matthew Heeschen. This first Alfredo adventure was published in 1985 on Softdisk for the Apple II. Mike Nuzzo would go on to create several more Alfredo adventures / animations that would also be published on the Softdisk magazine.

Some of the Alfredo adventures were ported to the Commodore 64 for the Loadstar magazine as well as for MS-DOS machines for the Big Blue Disk magazine.

Back in the year 2000, I programmed two original Alfredo animations for the Commodore 64 - The Return of Alfredo and Alfredo’s Perilous Pitfall.  They were both published on Loadstar which was still being published at the time.

Now thanks to AMOS, Alfredo makes his Amiga debut in this port of my C64 original.

This project was started back in 2012. I wanted to learn AMOS and I figured that this would be a fun little project for my first AMOS program. This was something that I would pick up once in awhile and do some coding on and then put away for months… But now I finally got around to wrapping it up.

When I coded Alfredo’s Perilous Pitfall, I tried to imitate the style of the original Alfredo adventures, so it has VERY basic 8-bit vector style graphics.

Enjoy this little animation. Also included on this disk is the AMOS source code if you want to look at it, modify it, or maybe learn from it.

Note: The mouse pointer does not disappear, as while testing, I found that using AMOS’s HIDE command would cause a GURU on one of the lift scenes. My guess is that since I used a hardware sprite for the lift it may have caused some kind of conflict? Anyways, I am too lazy to try to figure it out at the moment, so just move the mouse pointer off the corner of the screen, if it is in your way. :-)
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by selmiak on October 26, 2017, 05:27:53 PM »
What would Indy be without a big fistfight. Yeah, it would be very boring!
But in the end, fistfights in adventures end up being button mashing no matter what, and very little tactic is involved. And I love playing tekken ;)

So we should make fistfights good or just screw it.

here is my idea of a good fighting system:

start slow with easy fights and make it harder. And give the player the ability to upgrade indys skills by winning a fight at the beginning and earning XP (or indy points) like in a rpg. but you can invest them in indys strength, speed and defense (and some more values maybe, maybe split speed in feet speed (how fast indy can backstep and dodge a punch) and arm speed (how fast he can punch the enemy)
These XP or INDY POINTS are actually like orichalcum beads or dog tags or gold coins from the 7cog the defeated soldiers drop. you pick this glowing item up and place it on a chart (on a gui) to level up. These can be removed and put to another skill to adapt to the current enemy and his fighting style. speaking of this...

then we put different enemies in indys way, many footsoldiers here and there... footsoldiers are slow and easy to grind and earn xp.

then there are bosses. all of them have different fighting styles
One maybe has a slow but deadly punch. you can block 2 of these punches then you are done. so you have to be fast (level up your speed skill) and backstep at the right time, step towards him and punch him, he punches his mean punch again, you either backstep or lose half your health, then repeat your attack pattern to win this minigame.

another boss immediately fires like 6 punches at you without stopping, you can't backstep them, you have to block. after the 6 punches he stops, breathes heavily in a cool exhausted breathing animation, wipes his forehead, then chases indy to hit him and fires another 6 punches and so on. And if your defense is not skilled enough you KO after 2 rounds of his fistfire. So you have to level up your defense...

another woman nazi boss (lol, as if ever elsa...) is very fast but not very strong, dances around indy back and forth and punchs fast but not very strong. you have to time it right and have the strength attribute leveled up to hit her with one big punch.

we make up some more fighting styles while we implement these mentioned above and even the footsoldiers become tougher elite soldiers further down the story.

Special tricks, except for the whip trick, should be (l)earned, by defeating enemies and copying their style and also by finding hidden secret books in barnett or so.

so far so good, this is my idea of a cool and engaging fighting system, but here is the big BUT:
Not everyone likes this, this is an adventure game and no rpg brawler, we have to give the option to skip the fights or make it FOA style possible to circumvent the fight with puzzles.
circumventing the fights makes the whole concept of the fights useless... kinda, except for having a cool fighting system in a cool indy jones game, which is good enough a reason to do it for me  8) :hat:
AND does out story offer enough room for fights and more 'levels' and bosses to make it interesting to even have this kind of fight system. we probably would have to add even more story and puzzles, but the same reason of cool applies here ...

love you too, bitches, please share your thoughts on this :)
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by doctorfargo on October 25, 2017, 07:33:34 PM »
Maybe type (1) could rely on Indy's limited special tricks (whip, background interaction, or "pocket sand" tricks)

Seeing Indy's whip in a fight would be neat.
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