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When the game is completed there will be subtitles sure. Maybe english Voiceacting too.

Yes I´ve used the Ben Jordan Sprites. :P  But maybe I´ll change them completely to my own sprites.
Hey man, I google "falling man" and I found that pic. I thought it would fit so I take it. You have eyes like an eagle Snaker8. ;)

Retro and other Games / John Sinclair- Voodoo in London(NEW DEMO!)
« on: July 12, 2010, 08:59:21 pm »
after hours, days, months...
proudly presents...


Please post constructive Feedback, wishes and your oppinion to the game!
I tried to keep the Story of it more like in the Horror-Novels(JS is a Horrornovel-Series). The style is still "GK-y". Additionally we´ve tried to use moody, orchestral Music like in Broken Sword. Now you can test the result. Have Fun!



Download-Link: CLICK HERE!

I´m looking also foward to the last part of the Ben Jorden series and...

My Project: John Sinclair Voodoo in London
Please post in the forum or send me PM to give me feedback.

Damn! Jou got me Joker ;D

Happy Birthday Seven Cities of Gold belated!

I never concured in any game-project but I´m sure this project  will be a great time.
And I really hope that we can ever go on and be motivated enough!!! :)

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