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Project Discussion / Re: Art Policy
« Last post by FredFive on Today at 11:52:45 am »
Has it been long since any progress has been shown on the AGS forums?
Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold News / Re: Surprise
« Last post by Tremulas on November 05, 2018, 04:00:14 pm »
Patience pls.  :P
Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold News / Re: Surprise
« Last post by Wildman on November 05, 2018, 11:11:53 am »
So when's the demo 2.0 supposed to be released? Pretty excited about that.
I probably played Maniac Mansion before I played Zak McKracken, but I can't quite remember :P

What a fun project this was and the outcome is great. Matthew Alan Kane even commented on the video  8)

Zak was the first point and click adventure game that I played... Back in 1995 on an Amiga 500.

Zak McKracken was first released in 1988 by then Lucas Filmgames and was the second game to feature the famous SCUMM engine and an interface without textparser but with verbs on screen where you click together the actions you want to perform. The esoteric themes and places took adventure gamer's hearts by storm and except for some tricky but still solvable mazes and some mean dead ends it is a true classic to the point and click genre. The soundtrack by Matthey Kane is pumping with bass and a hypnotic melody.
As Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders turns 30 this year (2018) this video is a hommage to the 30th anniversay of the great game Zak McKracken and features a Flamenco version of that mentioned soundtrack recorded by NecroPolo. What would the heros of the game do when they dance the Flamenco.

Big thanks to the whole AGS community!


* Toxic Tuba
Idea, Concept, Coding in Adventure Game Studio, Additional Art

* selmiak

* JimReed

* Hobo

* David Fox
* Matthew Kane
* Ron Gilbert
* Gary Winnick
* David Spangler
* Martin Cameron
original Characters

* NecroPolo
Zak (McKrackenica edition) (Audio)

* Matthew Allan Kane
Original Score

* various contributors
all soundeffects
General Chat / Re: Indiana Jones - Raiders March [Minecraft Noteblocks]
« Last post by selmiak on September 14, 2018, 10:08:08 am »
Don't they know there are different lengths of notes in the world?!

But I love that giant square boulder behind the other guys in the background from around 2/3 of the video  :D :hat:
General Chat / Indiana Jones - Raiders March [Minecraft Noteblocks]
« Last post by doctorfargo on September 04, 2018, 03:10:33 am »
Not into Minecraft - But I thought this video was interesting.
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by Tremulas on August 21, 2018, 01:59:11 pm »
Hmmm is this one a little complicated and non relative with an Indy adventure game ?
Project Discussion / Re: Fighting system : open discussion
« Last post by jeancallisti on August 20, 2018, 10:23:18 pm »
I just had an idea that seemed like a genius idea just right now while I was falling asleep in my bed. I need to write it down now before I forget, but maybe it will sound super stupid tomorrow when I read it again.

Before I explain the idea, I want to write one more time that I think there's definitely something in a combat system that has some sort of parry. I remember I was thrilled when sword-fighting in the old Prince of Persia 2 because having the right timing definitely makes you feel endangered but also empowers you a lot when you hit back. You even feel like you're putting strength in the blow even though that's just a regular blow.

More recent games rediscovered that, for example Nidhogg (2D), or Chivalry (3D).

But all of that is not new. My idea right now is to make the player manage the body balance -- more specifically, how forward is the chest compared to the feet.
- If the chest is too forward (as the result of giving a hard/loaded blow) then if you miss you can fall forward or at least you cannot protect your chest with your other fist so you might get hit.
- If, on the other hand, you're slightly bending backwards, then, I don't know, maybe you can protect yourself better (every hit you receive doesn't make you lose health points) but makes you lose ground and pushes you backwards (until you're stuck against a wall). That makes you lose initiative and, let's say, makes you unable to achieve any combo.

So I'm not saying that the feet should be controlled separately from the chest. First, that'd be stupid, and second, that wouldn't be playable (we have to remember that everything we design has to be tap-compatible). BUT  maybe this balance thing could be semi-automated and a direct result of your moves.
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